Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fresh Paint!

Back from the paint shop with fresh paint and in new colors. It came out great and the shop held to the budget and kept on schedule. The shop used a single stage urethane that doesn't have a clear coat like most of the automotive paint used these days. Now to get the windows back in.


Terri Leoni said...

I like the color green, what is it called and where did you have it painted. Did they create the color for you there? And if you do not mind what price range did it cost to get your trailer painted. Thanks Terri

Don said...

The autobody shop is local in the Buffalo NY area. Their paint supplier used a digital system to match house paint chips that we picked up at local home centers. The paint is a single stage urethane and came in around $1,500.- with us doing a lot of sanding and prep work. I had several shops say they wouldn't do it, and also another quote twice the price.

Kate said...

Do you know the paint code/name of the colors you used? Love it!