Thursday, December 17, 2009

Props: vintage radio

One of the things that we learned attending our first vintage trailer rallies this summer was the importance of having the right props. Sure we had seen photo's of trailers with lot's of stuff that matched a specific theme or time period, but it was a surprise to see how plain our Shasta looked at the rallies. After our first rally I dug up a vintage lantern, thermos, table, and folding chairs to take to the Tin Can Tourists NE rally. These were all things we had stowed away in the garage and basement but still not enough compared to most of the trailers at the event.

As we've been on the hunt for just the right props, one found it's way to us after spending 46 years with my Dad. This is a EMUD Rekord JR radio that he purchased in 1963 while stationed in Germany. The color and lines of it's wood case really match the interior of our '63 Shasta perfectly. I also like that while it seems big it doesn't really block the window when it's sitting on the dinette table, it also fits nice on the counter near the sink if we want table space back.