Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Project?

I'm not shopping for another trailer but ran across this while out the other day and it looks pretty interesting. Looks a bit rough around the edges and few generations of marker lights at the back but given it's age perhaps not too bad. I really like the shape. Can anyone can help identify the make?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Camping in Watkin's Glen, NY

A couple of weeks ago we made it out for one last trip this season. We had been holding off putting the Shasta away for the winter as we had hoped to get out sometime, however we didn't expect it would be the second week in October. We ended up back in Watkin's Glen where we went last year in early September. Being there five weeks later proved to have a significant temperature difference, and while we had a great time I wouldn't go any later without heat. We hiked the gorge again this year and stopped at a couple wineries on Seneca Lake. We also spent some time around nearby Corning, NY where we visited with some old friends and checked out how things are changing down there.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tin Can Tourists: 2009 NE Regional Rally


A few weeks ago we made it to the Tin Can Tourists rally in New York's Finger Lakes region. We were only able to make for the last couple of days during the weekend, but even so it was a great event to be part of. There were about 60 vintage trailers there in varying conditions. It was really interesting to compare trailers that had over-the-top hot rod style restorations to those that were in original condition or restored to be as-original. The owners were also really interesting, quite a diverse group all drawn together by this obsession with old trailers. Having attended the smaller rally earlier in the year we were able to visit with some folks that we knew already and helped us feel not too much like newbies. I'm still digging through my photo's and have been posting to them to a Flickr photoset as I get through them.