Saturday, April 3, 2010

Doors & Drawers

Been spending some time with the cabinet doors and the the drawers over the winter. Getting down to the last coat or two of shellac. Then onto working on the interior surfaces that I haven't done yet. Still not sure how best to tackle the ceiling, probably just needs a light sanding and one coat of shellac but with what technique?


pleintexasgirl said...

Thank you for great how-to photos. What a beautiful job you are doing! I brought home a 1972 Cayo C-11 slide in camper. The aluminum is VGC but the wood interior is shot. The camper is still completely intact. I think it is gorgeous and will be a fun project. I have always loved the canned hams since I was little.

Zillionth said...

Foam brushes for the crevices and hotdog foam rollers for the flat surfaces.

Anne said...

Hi Don! Looking good. Are you going to the Northeast Rally in May? We have our reservations. Hope to have a new awning by then, but that's about it.

Anne Stevens